Léger démêlé

« In the beginning, we got along perfectly. We lifted up whoever was down and put up with whoever was more than we could stand. But the more time we spent together, the more things disintegrated, and soon we began to feel altogether alone… »

“Léger démêlé” is a tumult of acrobatics and clashes unmoored. Spontaneous bursts of movement, a lonely slack rope, foot-based acrobatics, a taste of Chinese pole, plenty of indecision, and lemon juice trickling out of five messy smiles… In this hilariously acidic circus show, five individuals let each other down as much as they lift each other up.

All ages
Outdoor show


Collectif À Sens Unique

The ‘Collectif À Sens Unique’ was formed by a group of students at the Quebec circus school.
In 2013, the collective moved to France and founded the company.
Using their eclectic personalities and disciplines to their advantage, they presented various short pieces, solos, and collective works, all of which brought them the vital elements that became the backbone of their first fulllength show for the streets, Léger démêlé. They travelled the roads of Europe with this show from 2015 to 2019.
Their encounters and their experience growing, the artists of the collective launchend a duo project [Mule] and 2 other solos [Oratorem, Cruda].

Site de la compagnie


Created and performed by
Hélène Leveau, Benjamin Renard, Constanza Sommi, Aviva-Rose Williams & Cyril Combes
Artistic collaboration
Sky de Sela
Stage technician
Thibaud Rocaboy
Coproduction & Companionship
Espace CatastropheBE
Coproduction & Creation Residencies
Cité du Cirque Marcel MarceauFR & La Batoude – Centre des Arts du Cirque et de la RueFR
Creation Residencies
Espace CatastropheBE, La Cascade – Pôle National des Arts du CirqueFR, Mimulus – Ecole de CirqueFR, Château de MonthelonFR & LeZarti’cirqueSU
With the support of
PALC [Pépinière Artistique Ligérienne Circassienne]FR, 3A – Bureau d’accompagnement & de productionFR, Pixis ProductionFR, Ecole de cirque de Québec (CA-QC)CA, Créavenir – Crédit MutuelFR, Conseil général de la SartheFR, Ville du MansFR, Région Pays de la LoireFR, SpedidamFR & AdamiFR


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Upcoming Dates


Dinamico Festival • Reggio Emilia • Italie


Dinamico Festival • Reggio Emilia • Italie


Teatro Necessario @ Tutti Matti per Colorno • Colorno Parma • Italie


Teatro Necessario @ Tutti Matti per Colorno • Colorno Parma • Italie


Teatro Necessario @ Tutti Matti in Emilia • Sant'Illario d'Enza • Italie


Teatro Necessario @ Tutti Matti in Emilia • Sant'Illario d'Enza • Italie


  • Gestion des tournées * Bianca Riccardi
  • Communication, Promotion des projets & Réseautage * Catherine Magis & Benoît Litt
  • Graphisme * Mathilde Schockaert
  • Webmaster * Corentin Parent


Tel : + 32 (0)2 538 12 02

Adresse postale

UP - Circus & Performing Arts
[Anciennement Espace Catastrophe]

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Rue Osseghem 50, 1080 Bruxelles

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