Encore heureux !

2 possible version : fixed stage or in situ

Fixed stage version (30’)

A voyage from the tenderness of youth to the spirited passion of maturity, and the other way around, and upside down.

Hidden delights are brought about by the passage of time which permeates each body with its unique history.

A man and a woman are writing their story in the present tense, the future and the past.

They’re taking a leap of faith between the phases, believing in and savouring the jump.

You become an accomplice in this intimate game of strength, brittleness and bursts of laughter.

In situ version / 3 public spaces / involves moving the audience (45’)

In the morning, people are taking the subway, queueing in the supermarket, enjoying the beach, … Our eyes process thousands of unique stories daily.

Sometimes, we forget to get off at the right stop, or the time of day.

These stories, whose beginning and end remain unknown to us, are like asides, naked truths that prompt the desire to know more, just a bit more… We daydream about getting up from the terrace of a café at the same time as them and walking at their side for a moment or two, so that we could share this unveiled intimacy with them for just a bit longer.

The terrace of a café ?

Yes, the terrace of a café, or the edge of a fountain pool, a village square, an underbrush, the parking of a supermarket, … These everyday places comprise a familiar background, drawing the outlines of an intimate story. A couple makes these spaces their own and shares a piece of their story together. We start following them because the story continues elsewhere…

The audience becomes an accomplice, experiencing first-hand what it is that inspires them.

Three public spaces, three situations, three scenes of daily life, and a couple who’s still happy !

Fixed stage OR in situ.
Ground surface 8 x 8 m
Height 6.5 m
Artists on stage 2


La Scie du Bourgeon

La Scie du Bourgeon is the new company created by Elsa Bouchez and Philippe Droz, who graduated from the Esac circus school in 2010.

In 2011, they put on Madame et sa croupe (Madam and her rump) with the Un de ces 4 collective before joining the Side-Show collective with whom they created Wonders in 2013 and then Spiegel Im Spiegel in 2017.

With their new collective, they’re going back to a more intimate sort of quest that’s linked to their duo. In this project, they have surrounded themselves with a group adept at various artistic disciplines.

Site de la compagnie


From & with
Elsa Bouchez & Philippe Droz
Stage Management
Valentin Boucq
Espace Catastrophe – diffusion@catastrophe.be
With the support of
Espace Catastrophe – Centre International de Création des Arts du CirqueBE, Tout Mons DanseBE, Centre culturel WolubilisBE & Les Fêtes RomanesBE


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Upcoming Dates


Atrium 57 – Centre Culturel de Gembloux • Gembloux • Belgique


Fête de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles @ Eglise Saint-Nicolas • Bruxelles • Belgique

2 Représentations


  • Gestion des tournées * Bianca Riccardi
  • Administratrice de Production * Adélie Honoré
  • Communication, Promotion des projets & Réseautage * Catherine Magis & Benoît Litt
  • Graphisme * Mathilde Schockaert
  • Webmaster * Corentin Parent


Fixe : + 32 (0)2 538 12 02

Adresse postale

UP - Circus & Performing Arts
[Anciennement Espace Catastrophe]

Nouvelle adresse
Rue Osseghem 50, 1080 Bruxelles

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