125 BPM

Duo André Leo [Belgium]

125 BPM is a shaken equilibrium of Time. A shattered metronome.

Somewhere between the cosmic forces of bodies lauched into orbit & a precarious relation between two human beings, the show leads the artists to turn, breath, fall, catch up & search for a new equilibrium, together.

Jean-Baptiste & Robin travel in search of Time, this primal force that guides their discipline, the Cyr Wheel, toward a harmonious balance of moving forms.
As our experience of Time is shaped by the movement of the planets, so is the movement of the Cyr Wheel bound to its natural pace of 125 BPM*.
What happens when this harmonious equilibrium breaks down ? When every movement suddenly stops ? Are they capable of maintaining their balance ? Of finding a new one ?

* Beats Per Minute

Indoor show
Ground surface 10 x 8 m
Height 4 m
Gauge 400
Artists on stage 2


Duo André Leo

Duo André Leo was founded in 2012 when Jean-Baptiste André & Robin Leo met at Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque [ESAC] in Brussels. The wish to explore new possibilities with their common apparatus, the Cyr Wheel, led them to create a duo.

Together, they took part in the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris where they won the bronze medal, Young Stage Festival in Basel where they took silver, as well as a Cirque Monti tour, in addition to participating in many other galas and events in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland & Japan.

After more than 600 shows of the same short act, they developped the desire to create a longer piece that would push their research with the Cyr Wheel further, while also incorporating other circus disciplines (acrobatics, lifts, …).

These are the origins of 125BPM.


Created and performed by
Jean-Baptiste André & Robin Leo
Geert Belpaeme
Tomas Vanderplaetse
Ezra Veldhuis
Stage Management
Liam Van Tornhout
Outside eyes
Lisbeth Gruwez, Guillaume Martinet & Bram Dobbelaere
Espace Catastrophe – diffusion@catastrophe.be
Coproduction & Creation Residencies
Espace Catastrophe – Centre International de Création des Arts du CirqueBE, Theater op de Markt – DommelhofBE & Perplx – Circus FestivalBE
Creation Residencies
MiramiroBE, CircuscentrumBE, CCBW – Centre culturel du Brabant wallonBE, Latitude 50 – pôle arts du cirque et de la rueBE, Station CircusCH, Quattrox4IT, Cirkus in BewegingBE & Cirko VertigoIT
With the support of
Flanders – State of the ArtBE


Een Belg, een Fransman en een wiel.

Tom Permentier – Circusmagazine – Septembre 2019

Inspirés par les univers de Samuel Beckett et de Lisbeth Gruwez, Jean-Baptiste André et Robin Leo brandissent l'humour comme arme suprême pour casser le mur entre les spectateurs et le public.

Laurence Bertels – La Libre – Octobre 2019

Pendant l'heure de 125 BPM, le duo circassien André Leo exploite toutes les possibilités de la roue Cyr en alternant intensité et légèreté. Et en allant là où on ne l'attend pas. Vraiment balèze.

Estelle Spotto – Focus Vif – Octobre 2019


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