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We are extremely pleased to present you the pieces that the Espace Catastrophe team is promoting & spreading/producing : 10 unique creations with strong identities, carried by authors who are committed & dare to question our society while also inviting us to share.

Embark on Axel & Nicolas' journey of otherworldly complicity in HYPERLAXE [Prix de la Critique 2017], lose yourself somewhere between the 1970s & today, between here & the Bronx with FACE A : Block Party, open up to the charming tenderness of INNOCENCE & travel back in time with their street version ENCORE HEUREUX, live the sensory experience of a voyage into the unknown with SANCTUAIRE SAUVAGE [Laureate Circusnext 2018/2019], find the balance in the unstable frequencies of time in 125 BPM, wander from the intimate to the universal with NEPTUMIUM RATONS, follow those 3 human beings launched into the space & time of the stage with RÉSONANCE, dig into the humorous past of an ancient gymnast with CRUDA & finally, be ready to get used to [almost] anything with THE SHOW.

The production, promoting and showcasing work our team provides for these pieces reinforces the creative support processes that Espace Catastrophe has been practicing and refining for close to 25 years.

Notre structure de travail se décline en 6 axes majeurs :

Centre de création pour le cirque contemporain [vaste programme de résidences]

Accompagnement en production & diffusion de spectacles

Formations tout au long de la vie [Programmes Pros + Secteur Amateur/Loisir]

Trainings / laboratoires & recherches

Organisation du Festival UP! [Biennale Internationale de Cirque]

Edition [Print & Web] de C!RQ en CAPITALE [Magazine trimestriel de la vie circassienne bruxelloise]

Visitez nos plateformes web :

www.catastrophe.be   •   www.upfestival.be   •   www.jeuxdepiste.be   •   www.cirquencapitale.be


  • Gestion des tournées * Thomas Steygers
  • Administration, Production, Communication, Promotion des projets & Réseautage * Catherine Magis & Benoît Litt
  • Graphisme * Lola Durt
  • Webmaster * Corentin Parent


E diffusion@catastrophe.be
T Fixe + 32 (0)2 538 12 02
T Mobile + 32 (0)478 91 63 61


Espace Catastrophe
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